# Island Location Site Interest Popularity # of Ratings Avg Shore Access Qualification Depth Avg Depth Max Description
1MaltaCirkewwaCave & Reef & Wall & WreckHigh44.3EasyBeginner5+m30+mCirkewwa has many popular dive sites in Malta: Cirkewwa Arch, Patrol Boat P29 & Tugboat Rozi wrecks, Susie's Pool, Madonna statue and wall reef with swimthroughs.
2MaltaCirkewwaP29 (Patrol Boat P29, Boltenhagen)WreckHigh44.3EasyAdvanced20m34mP29 is a popular wreck dive in Malta. P29 was 52m patrol boat that was scuttled 2007 in Cirkewwa. Wreck sits upright at depth 34m with the top part at 12m.
3MaltaCirkewwaRozi (MV Rozi, Tug Boat Rozi, Rozy)Reef & WreckHigh24.5EasyAdvanced20m34mTugboat Rozi is a popular wreck dive in Malta. Rozi was 35m tug boat that was scuttled in 1992. The wreck rests off shore from Cirkewwa with max depth 34m.
4MaltaCirkewwaArch (Cirkewwa Arch, Right Arch, Right Reef)Cave & ReefHigh22.5EasyBeginner15m25mCirkewwa Arch dive site is a beautiful natural underwater archway in Malta, 12 metres below the surface and 8 metres above the seabed.
5MaltaCirkewwaParadise Bay (Left Reef)ReefMedium13.0EasyBeginner10m30mParadise Bay reef dive in Cirkewwa offers rock formations, boulder fields, sandy bottoms, sea grass, drop-offs, swim-throughs and natural rock arch.
6MaltaCirkewwaSusie's PoolReefHigh12.0EasyBeginner5m18mSusie's Pool is a shallow training area in Cirkewwa, often used to practice diving skills. Halfway along the reef wall there is Madonna statue in a small cave.
7MaltaCirkewwaReef Beyond Rozi (Right Reef, North Reef)Reef & WallLow14.0MediumTechnical20m45+mReef Beyond Rozi is a nice wall reef with caves and overhangs far behind tugboat Rozi wreck and Cirkewwa Arch. Challenging dive site with max depth over 40m.
8MaltaGhar LapsiCave & Reef & WallHigh13.0EasyBeginner6m25mGhar Lapsi has many shallow dive sites: 40m cave system, reefs with caves & walls (Finger Reef, Middle Reef, Black John), and underwater nativity scene (Crib).
9MaltaGhar LapsiCaveCaveHigh15.0EasyAdvanced5m12mGhar Lapsi Cave dive site is 40m long shallow cave system in Malta with lots of cracks that allow plenty of sunlight to seek in making the cave full of color.
10MaltaGhar LapsiFinger ReefCave & Reef & WallHigh13.0EasyBeginner7m20mFinger Reef dive site in Ghar Lapsi is finger shaped reef with small wall, and cave with hole in roof, which one can exit through. Max depth of dive is 20m.
11MaltaGhar LapsiMiddle ReefReefMedium23.5EasyBeginner10m12mMiddle Reef consists of several reefs, surrounded by sand, sea grass & small boulders. Middle Reef is shallowest dive site in Ghar Lapsi, with max depth 12m.
12MaltaGhar LapsiCribReefMedium12.0EasyAdvanced15m22mCrib dive site in Ghar Lapsi is an underwater nativity scene with almost life-sized figures. Crib is located under an overhang on the outer reef at 22m.
13MaltaGhar LapsiBlack JohnReef & WallLow14.0HardAdvanced12m40+mBlack John dive site is an offshore reef near Ghar Lapsi in Malta with max depth of 38m. Black John is rarely dived because of difficult access.
14MaltaWied iz-Zurrieq (Blue Grotto)Cave & Reef & Wall & WreckHigh15.0EasyBeginner5+m30+mWied iz-Zurrieq is famous for Blue Grotto & Um El Faroud wreck dive. Other dive sites in Wied iz-Zurrieq are East & West Reef, caves, helmet statue and valley.
15MaltaWied iz-ZurrieqUm El Faroud (MV Um El Faroud, Um El Farud, Um El Farroud, UEF)WreckHigh35.0EasyAdvanced20m36mUm El Faroud is the best wreck dive in Malta. She was scuttled 1998 for scuba diving off shore Wied iz-Zurrieq. Um El Faroud wreck is 110m tanker at 36m.
16MaltaWied iz-ZurrieqWest Reef & Caves (West Reef, Bell Tower Cave, Bell Cave)Cave & Reef & WallHigh14.0EasyAdvanced5m25mWest Reef & Caves is one of the dive sites in Wied iz-Zurrieq. West Reef has drop-offs, ledges, gullies, boulders and two caves, one named Bell Tower Cave.
17MaltaWied iz-ZurrieqEast ReefReef & WallMedium12.0EasyBeginner5m36mEast Reef is one of the dive sites in Wied iz-Zurrieq. East Reef is wall dive with max depth over 30m. Often excellent visibility and lots of marine life.
18MaltaWied iz-ZurrieqValleyCave & Reef & WallLow13.0EasyBeginner3m14mValley is starting/ending point for shore dives in Wied iz-Zurrieq. Shallow inlet is excellent site for night diving and training dives. Lots of marine life.
19MaltaVallettaReef & WreckHigh13.0EasyBeginner5+m30+mValletta is capital of Malta, located on northeast coast. Dive sites in Valletta are World War II wreck HMS Maori in St. Elmo Bay, and Fort St. Elmo reef.
20MaltaVallettaHMS Maori (L24, F24, G24, Maori)Reef & WreckHigh14.0EasyBeginner12m16mHMS Maori was WWII British destroyer that sunk in 1942. Maori is a shallow wreck dive in Valletta, Malta. Wreck is half buried in sand with max depth 16m.
21MaltaVallettaFort St. Elmo (St. Elmo Reef, Elmo Reef)ReefLow12.0EasyAdvanced15+m35+mFort St. Elmo diving site is in Valletta, between Marsamxett and Grand Harbour, at the seaward side of the fort. This is a good reef dive with max depth 35m.
22MaltaExilesReef & WreckHigh13.0EasyBeginner5m25mExiles is located in Sliema, northeastern Malta. The dive sites here are Tug 2 wreck, a tugboat scuttled in 2013, and Exiles reef. Max depth is 22m.
23MaltaExilesTug 2 (Tugboat 2, Tug Boat 2, Tuo Lun Er Hao)Reef & WreckHigh34.0EasyAdvanced15m25mTug Boat 2 is shallow wreck dive off shore Exiles, Sliema, Malta. Tug 2 was 30m tugboat and was scuttled in 2013 for scuba diving. Wreck is upright at 22m.
24MaltaExilesExiles ReefReefHigh12.0EasyBeginner14m25mExiles Reef dive site in Sliema is a shallow reef with narrow gullies and overhangs, Posidonia seagrass fields and diversity of fish life. Max depth is 20m.
25MaltaExilesFireworks BargeWreckNot dived0N/AMediumBeginner8m10mFireworks barge wreck is in St. Julian’s Bay between Spinola and Exiles. It sank in September 2009 after fireworks explosion, and lies on sand at depth 10m.
26MaltaQawra PointCave & Reef & WallHigh13.0EasyBeginner5m35mQawra Point dive site is on northeast coast of Malta. Diving in Qawra Point includes reefs, caves (Fra Ben Cave and L-Cave), small arch, and shallow bay.
27MaltaQawra PointFra Ben CaveCave & ReefHigh24.0MediumBeginner3m9mFra Ben Cave is shallow cavern dive on north side of Qawra Point. Fra Ben Cave entrance is 100m from entry point at 6m depth. Cavern has an open ceiling.
28MaltaQawra PointNorth Reef & Arch (Qawra Point North)ReefMedium22.5MediumAdvanced15m20mNorth Reef & Arch is offshore reef dive on north side of Qawra Point. Wall reef drops from 10m down to 15m. Near the reef there is little arch 18m deep.
29MaltaQawra PointQawra Bay (Inner Reef)ReefHigh11.0EasyBeginner2m10mQawra Bay is shallow dive site on south east side of Qawra Point. This sheltered bay is suitable for training and try dives. Seabed is sand and seagrass.
30MaltaQawra PointL-CaveCave & Reef & WallLow13.0MediumExperienced30m40mL-Cave is deep swim-through cave dive off Qawra Point. L-Cave is quite tight L-shaped tunnel with sandy bottom located in small valley at depth around 33m.
31MaltaQawra PointQawra Reef (Qawra Far Reef, Qawra Drop-Off)ReefLow12.0MediumExperienced30m40mQawra Reef is offshore dive site off Qawra Point in Malta. Qawra Reef has nice wall with several big beautiful caves/caverns. Depth of dive from 15m to 40m.
32MaltaSliemaCave & ReefHigh12.0EasyBeginner5+m15+mSliema is on northeast coast of Malta. Dive sites in Sliema are Fortizza Reef, Coral Gardens & Qui Si Sana, shallow reefs with caverns, tunnels, and gullies.
33MaltaSliemaFortizza ReefCave & ReefHigh23.0EasyBeginner5+m15+mFortizza Reef is shallow dive site in Sliema. Fortizza Reef has lots of caverns, tunnels, arches, overhangs, valleys, and gullies for divers to explore.
34MaltaSliemaCoral GardensReefHigh13.0EasyBeginner5+m15+mCoral Gardens is shallow dive site in Sliema. Coral Gardens reef has valleys and canyons with some interesting rock formations and swimthrough tunnels.
35MaltaSliemaQui Si SanaReefLow12.0HardBeginner5+m15+mQui Si Sana is a shallow reef dive site in Sliema. Qui Si Sana reef is mostly used for dive training and try dives.
36MaltaMarsaskala (Marsascala)Cave & Reef & WreckHigh12.0EasyBeginner10+m20+mMarsaskala is in south east Malta. Dive sites in Marsaskala are tugboat wrecks St. Michael & Tug 10 scuttled in 1998, Zonqor Point reefs, and Mini Blue Hole.
37MaltaMarsaskalaTugboat 10 (No 10, Number Ten, Tug 10, MV No.10)Reef & WreckHigh32.0EasyAdvanced20m24mTugboat 10 is shallow wreck dive in Marsaskala, Malta. Tug 10 was 16m tugboat and was scuttled in 1998 for scuba diving. Wreck is upright at depth of 21m.
38MaltaMarsaskalaSt. Michael (St Michael, St Michale)Reef & WreckHigh33.0EasyAdvanced20m24mSt. Michael is shallow wreck dive in Marsaskala, Malta. St. Michael was 20m tugboat and was scuttled in 1998 for scuba diving. Wreck is upright at 22m.
39MaltaMarsaskalaZonqor Point (Ras iz-Zonqor)ReefLow11.0EasyBeginner5+m20+mZonqor Point dive site in Marsaskala has shallow reefs on both sides of the peninsula. Zonqor Point reefs are shore dives with max depth about 20m.
40MaltaMarsaskalaMini Blue HoleCave & ReefLow22.0MediumBeginner10+m15+mMini Blue Hole dive site is in Marsaskala, Malta. The hole is a natural rock formation connected to the sea by an underwater tunnel. Shallow reefs as well.
41MaltaDelimaraCave & Reef & Wall & WreckLow13.0MediumAdvanced12m30+m
42MaltaDelimaraEast ReefReefLow22.5MediumBeginner5m25m
43MaltaDelimaraSouth ReefCave & Reef & WallLow24.5MediumAdvanced12m30+m
44MaltaDelimaraCaveCave & Reef & WallLow24.0MediumExperienced10m18m
45MaltaDelimaraWreckReef & WreckLow12.0MediumAdvanced5m9m
46MaltaAnchor Bay (Popeye Village)Cave & ReefMedium23.0EasyBeginner6m12mAnchor Bay is popular diving site in Malta. Shore dive sites in Anchor Bay are anchor, cave, reef and training area. Bay is also known as Popeye Village.
47MaltaAnchor BayCave (Scorpion Cave)Cave & ReefMedium14.0EasyBeginner7m10m
48MaltaAnchor BayAnchorReefMedium12.0EasyBeginner8m8mAnchor Bay dive site features a large anchor and its anchor chain. The anchor is about 3m in length, and lies on sand around 8m deep.
49MaltaAnchor BayReefReefMedium12.0EasyBeginner6m12m
50MaltaAnchor BayTraining areaN/AMedium11.0EasyBeginner1m6m
51MaltaL'Ahrax PointCave & Reef & WallMedium13.0EasyBeginner7m18mL'Ahrax Point is located on the northernmost point of the main island Malta.
52MaltaL'Ahrax PointCaveCave & ReefLow12.0EasyBeginner5m10m
53MaltaL'Ahrax PointNorth ReefReefMedium12.0MediumBeginner10m30m
54MaltaL'Ahrax PointTunnelCave & ReefMedium24.0MediumBeginner7m18m
55MaltaL'Ahrax PointInland Sea (Dragonara Cave, Coral Lagoon, Coral Grotto)Cave & ReefMedium14.0MediumBeginner4m8mInland Sea dive site in L'Ahrax Point features a cavern with collapsed roof leaving a large circular opening in the rock faces that rises 10m above sea surface.
56MaltaSirens (Sirens Harbour, Sirens Reef)N/AMedium0N/AEasyBeginner6m12mSirens dive site is in St. Paul’s Bay in northern Malta. Sirens has shallow reef with max depth 12m and is mainly used for try dives and diving courses.
57MaltaHarq Hamiem Cave (Ghar Harq il-Hammiem)CaveNot dived0N/AHardTechnicalN/A52mHarq Hammiem Cave in St. Julian's is the only known fully submerged terrestrial cavern in Malta, consisting of two chambers, with max depth 52m.
58MaltaSS Margit (MV Odile, Kalkara Creek)WreckLow14.0EasyAdvanced16m24mSS Margit (MV Odile) is shallow wreck dive in Malta. Margit was a 100m passenger ship that sunk in 1941 in Kalkara Creek. Wreck is at 22m and quite broken.
59MaltaSlugs Bay (Slug Bay, Slug's Bay)ReefLow21.0MediumBeginner5+m10+mSlugs Bay is shallow reef dive site in Mellieha Bay in northeast Malta. Slugs Bay has abundance of marine life and a natural rock arch. Max depth about 12m.
60MaltaMerkanti Reef (Mercanti Reef)ReefLow13.0MediumBeginner10+m20+m
61MaltaX127 (X127 Lighter, Carolita, Coralita)WreckLow23.5EasyBeginner8m25mX127 is one of the WWII wreck dives around Malta. X127 was British water lighter that sunk 1942. Wreck is in Marsamxett Harbour off Manoel Island at 22m.
62MaltaMigra Ferha (Happy Welcome, The Steps)Cave & Reef & WreckLow13.0HardExperienced30m60+m
63MaltaBenghisa Point (Benghajsa Point)ReefLow12.0MediumAdvanced4m20mBenghisa Point dive site is on south coast of Malta. Benghisa Point is shallow reef dive with some interesting rock formations including an arch. Depth 4-20m.
64MaltaXrobb Il-GhaginN/ALow12.0EasyBeginner3m15m
66MaltaRdum il-QawwiCaveLow0N/AHardAdvanced6m45+m
67MaltaHMS Jersey (F72)WreckNot dived0N/AHardAdvanced15m19mHMS Jersey is WWII wreckage in Malta. Jersey was British destroyer that sunk 1941 in Valletta harbour. After clearance work only some remains left of wreck.
68MaltaSubmarine PenWreckNot dived0N/AHardAdvancedN/AN/A
69MaltaTent Peg WreckWreckNot dived0N/AHardAdvanced15m20mTent Peg Wreck is old cargo steamer in Marsamxett Harbour between Manoel Island and Ta'Xbiex. Wreck is named after tent pegs cargo, not true shipwreck but wreckage site.
70MaltaDragonara PointReefNot dived12.0HardAdvancedN/A25m
71MaltaRicasoli CannonsReefNot dived0N/AMediumBeginner6m12mRicasoli Cannons dive site is in Kalkara, Malta near Fort Ricasoli. There are three cannons in a cavern 2-3m deep. The shallow reef dive has max depth 12m.
72Maltail-Qaws (Ras il-Qaws)WallNot dived0N/ABoat onlyAdvancedN/AN/A
73MaltaXghajra ReefCave & ReefNot dived0N/AMediumBeginner8m18mXghajra Reef is labyrinth of small tunnels and caves with low arches. This shore dive site is located east side of Xghajra village. Max depth of reef is 18m.
74MaltaBristol BeaufighterWreckLow12.0Boat onlyAdvanced35m38mBristol Beaufighter is WWII airplane wreck dive in Malta. Beaufighter sunk in 1943 due to mechanical problems. Plane wreck is upside down at 38m depth.
75MaltaHMS Hellespont (Hellespont, HMAV Hellespont)WreckLow23.5Boat onlyExperienced35m41mHMS Hellespont is WWII wreck dive in Malta. She was sunk 1942 during air raid and scuttled outside Valletta after the war. Hellespont wreck is at 41m deep.
76MaltaHM Drifter Eddy (Eddy, HMS Eddy, HMD Eddy, FY12)WreckLow14.0Boat onlyTechnical56m56mHM Drifter Eddy is one of the WWII wreck dives in Malta. Eddy sunk after hitting a mine in 1942. 27m long drifter wreck lies outside Valletta at 56m depth.
77MaltaHMS St. AngeloWreckLow0N/ABoat onlyTechnical54m54mHMS St. Angelo is WWII wreck dive in Malta. St. Angelo was a tugboat used as a minesweeper, hit a mine and sunk in 1942. Wreck is upright at a depth of 54m.
78MaltaSchnellboot S-31 (S31, S-31)WreckLow13.0Boat onlyTechnical63m66mSchnellboot S-31 is WWII wreck dive in Malta. S-31 was German S-boot that collided with mine off Valletta and sunk in 1942. S-31 wreck is about 70m deep.
79MaltaItalian E-boat (Eboat, E.boat)WreckLow0N/ABoat onlyTechnicalN/AN/A
80MaltaHMS Southwold (Southwold, L10)WreckMedium15.0Boat onlyTechnical67m73mHMS Southwold is WWII wreck dive in Malta. Southwold was sunk by mine in 1942. Wreck is in two parts, bow 68m deep and stern in 73m, making them tec dives.
81MaltaLe Polynesien (SS Polynesien, The Polynesian, Poly)WreckHigh15.0Boat onlyTechnical50m65mLe Polynesien is WWI wreck dive in Malta. SS Polynesien was 152m French passenger ship that was sunk by torpedo in 1918. Poly wreck is at max depth of 65m.
82MaltaMunxar Cave/Reef (Munxar)Cave & ReefLow0N/ABoat onlyExperiencedN/AN/A
83MaltaUnknown bargeWreckNot dived0N/ABoat onlyTechnicalN/A60mBarge wreck is situated off St. Paul’s Bay, with max depth about 60m. Wreck is quite large barge where divers can enter engine room and accommodation area.
84MaltaBenghisa Reef (Benghajsa Reef)ReefLow0N/AHardAdvanced10m50+mBenghisa Reef dive site is 1km off Benghisa Point on south coast of Malta, stretching 1.5km southeast. Benghisa Reef starts from 10m and drops down to 50m.
85MaltaIl MaraN/ALow0N/ABoat onlyAdvancedN/AN/A
86MaltaScot Craig (MV Scotscraig, Popeye’s Barge)WreckLow13.0Boat onlyBeginner18m21mScot Craig is wreck dive in Malta. MV Scotscraig was small river ferry, later used in Popeye movie, now boat dive at 21m. Wreck is located near Anchor Bay.
87MaltaDevil's Reef (Qammieh Point, Ras il-Qammieh)Cave & Reef & WallLow13.0Boat onlyAdvanced6m50+mQammieh Point aka Devil's Reef is a nice wall dive site with few caves and caverns, starting from a shallow plateau and reaching depths well beyond 50m.
88MaltaSmugglers Cave (Smugglers Reef)Cave & ReefLow0N/ABoat onlyAdvancedN/AN/A
89MaltaSikka Il-Bajda (White Reef, Is-Sikka Tal-Kolonna, Hoofer's Reef)ReefLow0N/ABoat onlyExperienced20m42m
90MaltaHMS Stubborn (Stubborn, P238)WreckMedium14.0Boat onlyTechnical45m56mHMS Stubborn is deep submarine wreck in Malta. Stubborn was 66m British submarine and was scuttled as training target in 1946. Wreck is on sand at 56m depth.
91MaltaMV Imperial Eagle (Imperial Eagle)WreckMedium14.0Boat onlyAdvanced32m42mMV Imperial Eagle is deep wreck dive in Malta. Imperial Eagle was 45m ferry scuttled in 1999. Wreck is on at depth 42m. Nearby is Statue of Jesus Christ.
92MaltaGhar HasanN/ALow0N/ABoat onlyAdvanced15m40m
93MaltaGhar It TrozzCave & WallLow13.0Boat onlyAdvanced30m70+m
94MaltaRas ir-RahebCave & WallLow14.0Boat onlyExperienced30m70+mRas ir-Raheb dive site has nice cave starting from surface and reaching down to 25m. Rock wall is nearly vertical, sloping down to sandy seabed over 70m deep.
95MaltaRas id-DawwaraWallLow0N/ABoat onlyExperienced30m50+m
96MaltaRdum l-Ahmar (Red Cliffs)ReefLow13.0Boat onlyAdvanced25m35m
97MaltaRdum Tal-Vigarju (Blata tal-Melh)WallLow0N/ABoat onlyAdvanced25m50+m
98MaltaSt Paul's ReefReefLow0N/ABoat onlyBeginner7m25m
99MaltaSt Paul's ChannelReefNot dived0N/AMediumBeginner3m25m
100MaltaWied BassasaN/ALow0N/ABoat onlyAdvanced10m40m
101MaltaWied ZnuberN/ALow0N/ABoat onlyAdvanced15m40m
102MaltaBristol Blenheim Bomber (Bristol Blenheim, Blenheim Bomber)WreckLow12.0Boat onlyAdvanced39m42mBristol Blenheim Bomber is WWII airplane wreck dive in Malta. Blenheim was shot in one engine and ditched in the sea in 1941. Plane wreck is at 42m depth.
103MaltaLevant II (Cable Layer, Cable Ship, Levant 2)WreckLow23.5Boat onlyTechnical55m59mLevant II was built 1904 and sunk 1km off Valletta 1952. Cable layer wreck was rediscovered 1999 and identified as Levant II 10 years later. Max depth is 59m.
104MaltaHMS Russell (Russell)WreckLow0N/ABoat onlyTechnical115m115mHMS Russell is WWI wreck in Malta. Russell was British battleship built in 1901. She hit mines and sunk in 1916. Wreck was discovered in 2003 at 115m depth.
105MaltaMosquito Fighter Bomber (De Havilland Mosquito, DH.98 Mosquito)WreckLow13.0Boat onlyAdvanced42m42mMosquito Fighter Bomber is airplane wreck dive in Malta. De Havilland Mosquito crashed in sea due to engine problems in 1949. Plane wreck is 40m deep.
106MaltaMV Pippo (Pippo)WreckLow12.0Boat onlyAdvanced30m36mMV Pippo is wreck dive off Ahrax Point. Pippo took in water and sunk 2004 on its way from Comino to Malta. Small wreck is boat dive at depth 35m on sand.
107MaltaHMS Kingston (Kingston, F64)WreckLow0N/ABoat onlyAdvancedN/AN/AHMS Kingston is WWII wreckage in Malta. Kingston was British destroyer that sunk at docks in 1942, later used as blockship near Selmun and scrapped there.
108MaltaHMS Greetham (Greetham, Lady Davinia, Lady Davina)WreckNot dived0N/AHardAdvancedN/AN/A
109MaltaHMS Nasturtium (Nasturtium)WreckNot dived15.0Boat onlyTechnical65m70m
110MaltaCargo Ship Camadan (Camadan, MV Camadan)WreckLow0N/ABoat onlyTechnicalN/AN/ACargo Ship Camadan is technical wreck dive in Malta. MV Camadan was Turkish 80m long cargo ship that flooded and floundered in 2002. Wreck is at 90m depth.
111MaltaLuciston Collier (SS Luciston)WreckLow0N/ABoat onlyTechnical104m104mLuciston Collier is WWI wreck dive in Malta. SS Luciston was British 100m long coal cargo ship (collier) that was torpedoed 1916. Wreck is at 104m depth.
112MaltaLiberator Bomber B24 (B24, Consolidated B-24 Liberator)WreckMedium0N/ABoat onlyTechnicalN/AN/ALiberator Bomber is WWII airplane wreck in Malta. Liberator B-24 crash landed into sea in 1943. Bomber wreck is around 90m deep and dispersed.
113MaltaReef off Marija's caveReef & WallNot dived13.0Boat onlyExperienced16m50+m
114MaltaAnadrian (Dredger Anadrian)WreckLow14.0Boat onlyTechnical55m65+m
115MaltaLockheed P2V Neptune (Lockheed P-2 Neptune, Neptune MR.1)WreckLow23.0Boat onlyAdvanced32m32mLockheed P2V Neptune is 2015 discovered airplane wreck dive site in Malta at depth of 30m. Aircraft was damaged during landing and used for filming in 1950s.
116MaltaHMD Trusty Star (HMT Justified)WreckNot dived14.0Boat onlyTechnical85m90m
117MaltaGebel gol-BaharReefNot dived0N/AHardAdvanced19m19+mĠebel ġol-Baħar is a possible megalithic temple located underwater off the coast of St. Julian's, Malta.
118MaltaHMS Olympus (N35)WreckNot dived0N/ABoat onlyTechnical115m130mHMS Olympus is WWII submarine wreck in Malta. Olympus was 86m British submarine that hit a mine and sunk in 1942. Wreck is about 130m deep.
119MaltaHMS AegusaWreckNot dived0N/ABoat onlyTechnicalN/A76m
120MaltaHMS AndromedaWreckNot dived0N/AHardAdvanced16m20mHMS Andromeda is WWII wreck in Malta. The tug sunk in Grand Harbour of Valletta in 1942 during air raid. Andromeda was 27m long and wreck lies 20m deep.
121MaltaORP Kujawiak (L72, HMS Oakley)WreckNot dived0N/ABoat onlyTechnical100m100+mORP Kujawiak is a WWII wreck in Malta. OPR Kujawiak was on protective escort service duty in June 1942 when she hit a mine and sunk off the coast of Malta.
122MaltaComodanWreckNot dived0N/ABoat onlyTechnical90m90m
123MaltaJunker 88WreckNot dived12.0Boat onlyTechnical57m57m
124MaltaStoker Cave (Stoker's Cave)CaveNot dived0N/ABoat onlyAdvanced20m30mStoker Cave dive site is under Dingli Cliffs on west coast of Malta. Ceiling has formations of stalactites & stalagmites. Stoker Cave is at 20-30m depth.
125GozoDwejraCave & Reef & WallHigh15.0MediumAdvanced15+m40+mDwejra is the most popular scuba diving site in Gozo. Dive sites in Dwejra include Inland Sea & Tunnel, Azure Reef, Blue Hole, Coral Gardens & Cave and many more.
126GozoDwejraInland Sea & Tunnel (Inland Sea, Tunnel)Cave & WallHigh23.0EasyAdvanced18m40+mInland Sea is popular dive site in Dwejra, Gozo. Tunnel is 80m long cave connecting Inland Sea to the Mediterranean, offering amazing scuba diving experience.
127GozoDwejraBlue Hole (Blue Cave)Cave & WallHigh15.0MediumAdvanced15m25mBlue Hole in Gozo is maybe the most beautiful dive of Maltese Islands. Blue Hole provides entry&exit for other dive sites in Dwejra like Azure Reef & Coral Gardens.
128GozoDwejraAzure Reef (Azure Window)ReefHigh14.0MediumAdvanced20+m40+mAzure Reef is a new dive site in Dwejra, Gozo, which formed when Azure Window collapsed in March 2017. Reef starts just below surface and continues to over 40m depth.
129GozoDwejraCoral GardensCave & ReefHigh14.0MediumBeginner5m10+m
130GozoDwejraCoral CaveCaveHigh14.0MediumAdvanced20+m30+m
131GozoDwejraLittle BearCave & WallMedium13.0MediumAdvanced15+m30+m
132GozoDwejraBig BearWallMedium13.0MediumAdvanced15+m30+m
133GozoDwejraCrocodile RockWallLow14.0HardAdvanced35m65+m
134GozoDwejraAudrey's Crack (200m Tunnel)Cave & WallMedium13.0MediumAdvanced10m30+m
135GozoXatt l-Ahmar (Red Bay)Cave & Reef & Wall & WreckHigh14.0MediumBeginner15+m40+mXatt l-Ahmar is popular scuba dive site in Gozo. Dives in Xatt l-Ahmar are deep wrecks Cominoland, Karwela & Xlendi, wall reef with caves, and shallow bay.
136GozoXatt l-AhmarMV Xlendi (Xlendi)Reef & WreckMedium12.0MediumAdvanced30m45mMV Xlendi is deep wreck dive in Gozo. Xlendi was 80m ro-ro ferry and was scuttled for scuba diving in 1999. Xlendi wreck is upside down at 42m depth.
137GozoXatt l-AhmarMV Karwela (Karwela)Reef & Wall & WreckHigh33.7MediumAdvanced30m45mMV Karwela is the most dived wreck in Gozo. Karwela was 50m passenger ferry and was scuttled for scuba diving in 2006. Wreck is upright at 40m depth.
138GozoXatt l-AhmarMV Cominoland (Cominoland)Reef & Wall & WreckHigh34.3MediumAdvanced30m45mMV Cominoland is deep wreck dive in Gozo. Cominoland was 40m tourist cruise ship and was scuttled for scuba diving in 2006. Wreck is upright at 40m depth.
139GozoXatt l-AhmarBayCave & ReefLow11.0EasyBeginner9m30m
140GozoMgarr ix-XiniCave & Reef & WallMedium22.5EasyBeginner5+m15+m
141GozoMgarr ix-XiniCavesCave & WallMedium23.0MediumBeginner6m14m
142GozoMgarr ix-XiniReef (Blat Ta' Bologna)Reef & WallMedium12.0HardAdvanced30m50+m
143GozoXlendi BayCave & ReefMedium13.0HardBeginnerN/AN/AXlendi Bay is located on southwest coast of Gozo. Dive sites in Xlendi Bay are beautiful shallow tunnel cave and pretty reef with lots of marine life.
144GozoXlendi BayXlendi Tunnel (Xlendi Cave)CaveMedium34.3HardBeginner6m10m
145GozoXlendi BayXlendi ReefReefMedium22.5HardBeginner10m60+mXlendi Reef dive site is located in Xlendi Bay in Gozo. Shallower inner reef is max 12m, outer reef about 20m with a pinnacle reaching almost to the surface.
146GozoXwejni BayCave & Reef & WallHigh13.0EasyBeginner15+m45+m
147GozoXwejni BayDouble Arch (Qbajjar Arch, Double Arches, Twin Arches)Cave & Reef & WallHigh14.0EasyAdvanced30m45+mDouble Arch dive site in Gozo got its name from two natural rock arches on top of each other. Depth at Double Arch is from 15m to 45m and it's 200m offshore.
148GozoXwejni BayReefReefHigh13.0EasyBeginner5+m15+m
149GozoXwejni BayWashing MachineN/AHigh11.0EasyBeginner5+m15+m
150GozoXwejni BayCalypso Cave (Calypso Tunnel, Triple Arch)Cave & Reef & WallLow23.5MediumAdvanced30m40+m
151GozoXwejni BaySubmarine CaveCave & Reef & WallHigh23.0MediumAdvanced30m45+m
152GozoRas il-HobzReef & WallHigh13.0EasyBeginner15+m100+m
153GozoRas il-HobzMiddle FingerWallHigh24.5EasyAdvanced12m100+mRas il-Hobz aka Middle Finger is a pinnacle rising out from depths of 40+m to around 10m. The pinnacle attracts lots of sea life, like Jacks, Dentex and Moray eels.
154GozoRas il-HobzEast (East Reef)ReefHigh23.0EasyBeginner5+m20+m
155GozoRas il-HobzWest (Tal-Fessej)WallMedium23.0EasyAdvanced20+m30+m
156GozoRas il-HobzFessej Rock (Black Rock)WallLow23.5HardAdvanced30m50+m
157GozoReqqa PointCave & Reef & WallHigh25.0MediumAdvanced20+m70+m
158GozoReqqa PointThe Point (Reqqa Point, Ras ir-Reqqa)Reef & WallHigh14.0MediumAdvanced25m70+m
159GozoReqqa PointShrimp's CaveCave & WallHigh14.0MediumAdvanced30+m34m
160GozoReqqa PointBillinghurst CaveCave & WallHigh25.0MediumExperienced30m35m
161GozoReqqa PointAnchor ReefReefLow11.0MediumAdvancedN/AN/A
162GozoReqqa PointBottleneck Cave (Bottleneck)CaveLow13.0MediumTechnical37m58m
163GozoBlue Dome (Cathedral Cave, Ghar ir-Rih)Cave & ReefMedium24.5HardAdvanced12m30+m
164GozoDahlet Qorrot (Dahlet Qorrot Bay)N/ALow0N/AEasyBeginnerN/AN/A
165GozoGhar id-DarN/ALow0N/AEasyBeginnerN/AN/A
166GozoHondoq (Hondoq Bay)N/ALow11.0EasyBeginnerN/AN/A
167GozoWied il-MielahCaveLow14.0Boat onlyBeginner20m50+mWied il-Mielah dive site in north Gozo has window/archway over the sea. For divers there are two beautiful caves and a swim through near a shallow reef.
168GozoMarsalforn (Marsalforn Bay)N/ALow0N/AEasyBeginnerN/AN/A
169GozoMistra Rocks (Mistra Rock)N/ANot dived0N/AMediumBeginnerN/AN/A
170GozoGebel Tal HalfaN/ANot dived0N/AHardBeginnerN/AN/A
171GozoHondoq ReefReefLow0N/AEasyBeginnerN/AN/A
172GozoTac-Cawla (Tac-Cawla Rock, Tac Cawla Rocks, Mgarr Rock)N/ANot dived0N/AHardBeginnerN/AN/A
173GozoNewwiela Point (Ras In-Newwiela, Ras In Newwiela)WallLow14.0Boat onlyAdvancedN/A60+mNewwiela Point in southern Gozo has a shallow plateau surrounded by a steep drop-off and wall with large boulders reaching depths beyond 60 meters.
174GozoTa'Cenc Reef (Ta'Cenc)Cave & ReefLow14.0Boat onlyAdvanced25m37m
175GozoSanap CliffsWallLow13.0Boat onlyAdvancedN/AN/A
176GozoDawra Tas-SanapCave & Reef & WallLow14.0Boat onlyBeginner15m65+mDawra Tas-Sanap in Gozo has shallow reef with arch and cave. Deeper down the reef contains massive boulders and caverns ending at sandy bottom around 65m.
177GozoUlysses CaveCaveLow14.0Boat onlyAdvancedN/AN/A
178GozoZurzeip ReefReef & WallLow13.0Boat onlyBeginner20m60+mZurzeip Reef starts from a platform at depth of 5m. From there the site slopes down to 60+m offering few big boulders and small swim-throughs on the way.
179GozoWadrdija PointWallLow13.0Boat onlyExperiencedN/AN/A
180GozoFungus Rock (Blata Tal General, Ġebla tal-Ġeneral)WallLow14.0Boat onlyAdvanced30m60+m
181GozoSan Dimitri Point (San Dimitri)WallLow0N/ABoat onlyAdvanced25m60+m
182GozoWied ir RahebCaveLow0N/ABoat onlyAdvancedN/AN/A
183GozoTa'Camma (Ta Camma Caves)Cave & WallLow0N/ABoat onlyAdvancedN/AN/A
184GozoHalq HamiemCaveLow0N/ABoat onlyBeginnerN/AN/A
185GozoHekka PointCaveLow0N/ABoat onlyAdvancedN/AN/A
186GozoTac-Cawla (Gudja Cave)CaveLow0N/ABoat onlyExperiencedN/AN/A
187GozoIl-MargunCaveLow0N/ABoat onlyAdvancedN/AN/A
188GozoForna PointWallLow0N/ABoat onlyAdvancedN/AN/A
189GozoRas Il-Kanun (Qbajjar)Cave & Reef & WallMedium23.0MediumBeginner10m30+m
190GozoQala QuarryReefLow0N/ABoat onlyBeginner6m35m
191GozoQala Dolf CaveCaveLow0N/ABoat onlyAdvancedN/AN/A
192GozoRas Il-Qala (Qala Point)ReefLow0N/ABoat onlyBeginner10m15m
193CominoCominottoCave & Reef & WallHigh0N/ABoat onlyAdvancedN/AN/A
194CominoCominottoInner Cominotto (Inner Cominotto Reef)ReefLow13.0MediumAdvanced9m22m
195CominoCominottoAlex's CaveCaveLow0N/AHardBeginner8m16m
196CominoCominottoAnchor Reef (Lautier's Reef, Sikka Tal Lautier)ReefLow13.0HardBeginner18m36m
197CominoCominottoCominotto Rock (Cominotto Reef)Reef & WallLow13.0HardAdvanced10m50+m
198CominoCominottoBlue LagoonN/ANot dived11.0EasyBeginner3m14m
199CominoLantern Point (Ras L-Irqieqa)Cave & Reef & WallLow14.0Boat onlyAdvanced30m50m
200CominoLantern PointLighthouse Reef (Outer Lantern Point)Cave & Reef & WallLow14.0Boat onlyAdvanced30m50m
201CominoLantern PointInner Lantern Point (Lantern Point West)Reef & WallLow13.0Boat onlyAdvanced30m50m
202CominoP31 (Patrol Boat 31)WreckHigh13.0Boat onlyBeginner15m20mP31 is the only wreck dive site around Comino island. P31 was 60m patrol boat and was scuttled off Comino in 2009. P31 wreck sits upright at 18-20m depth.
203CominoThe CanyonCaveNot dived0N/AMediumAdvanced7m20m
204CominoComino's DelightN/ALow0N/AHardBeginner6m12m
205CominoSanta Marija ReefReefMedium13.0HardBeginner9m21m
206CominoSanta Marija Caves (Comino Caves, Ghemieri Caves)CaveMedium14.0Boat onlyBeginner7m10m
207CominoElephant RockCaveLow0N/ABoat onlyBeginner6m6m
208CominoSultan RockN/ANot dived0N/ABoat onlyAdvanced8m18m
209CominoCrystal LagoonReefLow0N/ABoat onlyAdvanced9m22m
210FilflaFilflaReefLow0N/ABoat onlyAdvanced25m70+m