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30m (avg), 36m (max)
Shore access
Boat only
35.9860°N 14.3890°E (Approx)
★★☆☆☆ from 1 diver

MV Pippo is a wreck dive in Malta. Pippo was a small fishery workboat that sunk in 2004. The wreck is located off Ahrax Point near Mellieha Bay. Pippo is 18 metres long and lies in an upright position at about 35 metres depth. This is a boat dive for advanced divers. The dive time is usually quite short as the wreck is small and the seabed around is just sand.

Although small in size, MV Pippo is an interesting wreck. Unlike other 21st century wrecks in Malta, Pippo was not prepared for diving before scuttling. She is quite well preserved with some fishing industry equipment still attached, like tuna cages at the stern. Penetration is also possible but there is not much space for divers to move inside the wreck. Marine life on Pippo wreck includes small fish, crabs, shrimps and nudibranchs, and sometimes a big grouper is seen on the wreck.

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Mika Tanninen, April 2015:
★★☆☆☆ Quite small wreck and nothing to see around it.

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