Here you can find some dive planning tools, contact information, site history and privacy policy.

Dive Planning Tools

Below you will find interactive dive planning tools similar to PADI tables. We don't take any responsibility for misinformation, so please do double check your calculations/numbers also from other sources and let us know if you spot any issues.

Maximum Depths in Meters of Seawater
EAN % @ ppO₂ = meters

Equivalent Air Depth and
Oxygen Management Table (Metric)

Oxygen content %

Trimix Equivalent Narcotic Depth Table (Metric)
Actual depth m @ He % = END m

DSAT TecRec Dive Planning Slate

Gas Mixer

Contact Us

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History of

November 2014
Domain names and web hosting was acquired.
First version of the dive site map was published.
June 2015
Soft launch.
Whole site functionality was exposed to visitors.
December 2015
Multi language support added (English & Finnish).
January 2017
Look & feel improvements.
February 2017
October 2017
Image upload feature added.
February 2023
Facebook login updates.
May 2024
Facebook login removed. Thank you Meta for this.

Privacy Policy

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