Also known as
L72, HMS Oakley
Not dived
100m (avg), 100+m (max)
Shore access
Boat only
35.9000°N 14.6500°E (Approx)

ORP Kujawiak is one of the many World War II wrecks around Malta. Kujawiak was a Polish destroyer, about 85 m in length with 9.5 m beam. She was built in Britain for Royal Navy as a Hunt class destroyer, later transferred to Poland. Her original name was HMS Oakley (L72) and she was a sister ship of HMS Southwold (L10), which is another deep wreck dive in Malta.

On 16th June 1942 ORP Kujawiak was on protective escort service duty on when she impacted on a mine and sunk off the coast of Malta. The wreck of Kujawiak was discover by a team of Polish explorer divers on 22nd September 2014, but the coordinates of the wreck are being kept secret for the time being as it will be designated a historic site and a war grave.

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