Also known as
Stoker's Cave
Not dived
20m (avg), 30m (max)
Shore access
Boat only
35.8495° N 14.3790° E (Nearby)
35°50.970' N 014°22.740' E
35°50'58" N 014°22'44" E
★★★☆☆ from 1 diver

Stoker Cave is located on the west coast of Malta under Dingli Cliffs. This dive site features a large cave with formations of stalactites and stalagmites in the ceiling. There is also fresh water in the upper part of the cave which can affect visibility. The cave entrance is at 19 metres depth, and the sandy bottom is around 30 metres deep. Outside Stoker Cave there is a wall and some boulders.

Stalactites in Stoker Cave Stoker Cave

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Adam Sant, July 2020:
★★★☆☆ Nice cave but relatively small. Do not dive in large groups, open circuit bubbles disrupt the vis very quickly - Dive Cc if possible. 3 starts due to the large amounts of plastic in the cave which greatly took away from the experience. This cave is still a unique experience for Malta.

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