Also known as
Stubborn, P238
45m (avg), 56m (max)
Shore access
Boat only
35.9826° N 14.4462° E (Exact)
35°58.956' N 014°26.772' E
35°58'57" N 014°26'46" E
★★★★ from 4 divers

HMS Stubborn (P238) is a submarine wreck in Malta, located about 3 km north-east of Qawra Point. The wreck lies on a sandy bottom fairly upright and intact, tilted towards starboard side. Maximum depth is 56 m and top part around 50 m deep, making Stubborn dive suitable only for technical or very experienced divers.

HMS Stubborn was a S-class British submarine, 66 m in length and 7 m wide. Stubborn was scuttled on purpose by Royal Navy on 30th April 1946 as a submarine sonar training target.

Other submarine wreck dives in Malta are HMS Olympus and HMS Urge, both at 130 m depth after hitting a mine during World War II in 1942.

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Kevin Aquilina, October 2021:
★★★★ Historic wreck, however the site is somewhat bare given she was intentionally scuttled and having a submarine hull protecting the interesting bits. However, a WW2 British submarine is always an interesting site
Ben VB, January 2021:
★★★★ Cool wreck and makes an interesting change from ships and planes. It's the only submarine wreck at a relatively accessible depth in Malta, since the others are beyond 100m.
Adam Sant, June 2020:
★★★☆☆ Nice wreck especially when vis is good. There are much nicer wrecks at similar depth though.
Mika Tanninen, April 2016:

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