Also known as
Eboat, E.boat
45m (avg), 45m (max)
Shore access
Boat only
35.8800° N 14.5900° E (Approx)
35°52.800' N 014°35.400' E
35°52'48" N 014°35'24" E
★★★☆☆ from 3 divers

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Torpedo Tube [Adam Sant] ⠀ [Adam Sant] ⠀ [Adam Sant] Scenery [Adam Sant] Engine [Adam Sant] Door [Adam Sant] ⠀ [Adam Sant] Large Barge [Adam Sant] Torpedo Tube [Adam Sant] Diver [Adam Sant] Corals [Adam Sant] Barge Ladder [Adam Sant] Moray eel [Adam Sant] Scenery [Adam Sant] The Reef Nearby [Adam Sant]

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Kevin Aquilina, October 2021:
Kevin Aquilina, October 2021:
★★★☆☆ Historic wreckage of a scuttled Schnellboot, amongst other wreckage, a Corsair airplane wing and a barge. Limited interest, but if you like puzzles this dive is for you :)
Ben VB, April 2021:
★★★☆☆ No actual 'wreck' since it is very broken up but several parts can be found, not just from the E-boat but also a Corsair plane wing and other bits that make it an interesting area to explore.
Adam Sant, April 2021:
Adam Sant, April 2021:
Lots of scattered remains among larger boulders. Worth the visit - possible to reach from shore with a tech setup or a scooter.

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