Cave & Reef & Wall & Wreck
5+m (avg), 30+m (max)
Shore access
35.9888° N 14.3282° E (Exact)
35°59.328' N 014°19.692' E
35°59'20" N 014°19'42" E
★★★★ from 5 divers

Cirkewwa is one of the most visited scuba diving sites on the Maltese islands. It is located on the north west coast of Malta. There is something for everyone to dive in Cirkewwa: easy shallow training area (Susie's Pool) and Madonna statue, two deep wrecks (Patrol Boat P29 and Tugboat Rozi), two beautiful natural arches (Right/Green Arch and Left/White Arch), and wall reef with many swimthrough tunnels/caves. The wrecks P29 and Rozi were scuttled for diving attraction. The maximum depth of these wrecks is 34-36 meters.

There are several entry/exit points with stairs and railings. Parking, cafes/snacks, and toilets are available nearby. There is also a special parking area for divers in Cirkewwa, and you need to put your diving certification card on the dashboard of your car not to get a parking ticket.

Ferries to Gozo and boats to Comino operate from Cirkewwa.

Dive sites in Cirkewwa


Patrol Boat P29 (Boltenhagen) is a popular wreck dive in Malta. P29 was 52m patrol boat that was scuttled 2007 in Cirkewwa. Wreck is at 34m depth.


Tugboat Rozi is a popular wreck dive in Malta. Rozi was 35m tug boat that was scuttled in 1992. The wreck rests off shore from Cirkewwa with max depth 34m.


Cirkewwa Arch dive site is a beautiful natural underwater archway in Malta, 12 metres below the surface and 8 metres above the seabed.

Paradise Bay

Paradise Bay reef dive in Cirkewwa offers rock formations, boulder fields, sandy bottoms, sea grass, drop-offs, swim-throughs and natural rock arch.

Susie's Pool

Susie's Pool is shallow diving area in Cirkewwa, often used to practice skills. Halfway along reef wall there is Madonna statue in small cave.

Reef Beyond Rozi

Reef Beyond Rozi is a nice wall reef with caves and overhangs far behind tugboat Rozi wreck and Cirkewwa Arch. Challenging dive site with max depth over 40m.

More info about Cirkewwa dive siteĊirkewwa
Malta Tourism Authority - Dive Site Report 14: Cirkewwa – Marfa Point (PDF)

Diver at Cirkewwa Caverns [Matjaz Repnik] entrance/exit point to Cirkewwa [Matjaz Repnik] Susie's Pool in Cirkewwa [Matjaz Repnik] Cirkewwa dive site Cirkewwa reef Dive briefing [Matjaz Repnik] Cirkewwa entry [Matjaz Repnik] Busy parking [Matjaz Repnik] Entry [Matjaz Repnik] Entry [Matjaz Repnik] Entry [Matjaz Repnik] Entry [Matjaz Repnik] Divers Parking [Matjaz Repnik] Pier entry [Matjaz Repnik] Pool entry [Matjaz Repnik] Pier access [Matjaz Repnik] Be early at morning and u get parking space next to entrance ;) [Matjaz Repnik] Cirkewwa entry and exit [Matjaz Repnik] Divers parking [Matjaz Repnik] Cirkewwa views towards P29 [Matjaz Repnik] Parking [Matjaz Repnik] Divers at the parking [Matjaz Repnik]

Comments and Ratings

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Adam Sant, April 2021:
★★★★ Lots to do and lots to explore. Very easy parking and great access.
Shalise Barnes, August 2018:
★★★★★ Great location with a variety of depths and lots of sea life, go early in the morning to avoid too many people
Matjaz Repnik, October 2017:
★★★★ The most bussy diving position for diving centres, which have no feeling for good hummor underwater ;)
Tia Silvanto, May 2015:
★★★★ Many great dives here :)
Mika Tanninen, January 2015:
★★★★ Nice location. A lot of good dive plans to choose from.

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