Also known as
Ras il-Knejjes
Cave & Wall
30m (avg), 70+m (max)
Shore access
Boat only
35.9055° N 14.3283° E (Exact)
35°54.330' N 014°19.698' E
35°54'20" N 014°19'42" E
★★★★ from 3 divers

Ras ir-Raheb is located on the west point of Malta. The dive site has a very interesting cave starting from the surface and reaching down to around 25 meters. Exploring the cave is quite an experience. The rock face outside the cave is nearly vertical - above and below water - starting to slope down to a sandy seabed at depths over 70 meters. The location can be disorientating due to the clarity and the deep blue of the water, and it's exposed to strong currents, so Ras ir-Raheb is recommended only for experienced divers.

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Coastline clifface next to Ras ir-Raheb

Comments and Ratings

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mark camilleri, July 2022:
★★★★ good cave and wall dive
Adam Sant, June 2020:
★★★★★ Very nice cave and wall.
Mika Tanninen, October 2015:
★★★★ I really enjoyed the cave and there was nice group of barracudas next to the wall.

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