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65m (avg), 68m (max)
Shore access
Boat only
35.8936° N 14.7097° E (Exact)
35°53.616' N 014°42.582' E
35°53'37" N 014°42'35" E
★★★★★ from 3 divers

HMS Nasturtium is a World War I wreck dive in Malta. Nasturtium was a British sloop-of-war built in 1915. She was used for minesweeping but hit a mine herself outside Grand Harbour on 27th April 1916 in the evening and sank in the small hours of 28th. The wreck is about 81 metres in length and lies at a depth of maximum 68 metres.

HMS Nasturtium was opened for divers on 1st May 2019, managed by Heritage Malta, and diving the wreck requires a special permit. Read more about diving the historical wrecks in Malta.

There are two other WWI wrecks nearby: HMY Aegusa (depth 76 m) and HMS Russell (115 m) sank in the same minefield on the same day as HMS Nasturtium.

Other World War I wrecks in Malta are SS Polynesien (depth 65 m) and SS Luciston (105 m).

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HMS Nasturtium, aft gun [Steven Galicia] The crack between midship and stern, with winch [Steven Galicia] HMS Nasturtium, beautiful coral growth [Steven Galicia] Below the aft gun, the hull is cracked, you can see inside [Steven Galicia] Abundant marine life [Steven Galicia] HMS Nasturtium, the aft gun [Steven Galicia] Amazing marine encrustation after 102 years on the seabed [Steven Galicia] HMS Nasturtium bow section (listed to port) with gun [Steven Galicia] HMS Nasturtium, the bow, draped with fishing nets [Steven Galicia] HMS Nasturtium, the stern 4 inch gun [Steven Galicia] HMS Nasturtium, the forward 4 inch gun, winch and mast [Steven Galicia]

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Ben VB, August 2020:
★★★★★ Amazing WW1 wreck that has aged beautifully. Covered with colourful growth. Located quite far offshore but worth the trip.
Adam Sant, July 2020:
★★★★★ Absolutely beautiful wreck.
Mika Tanninen, April 2017:

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