Also known as
SS Luciston
95m (avg), 105m (max)
Shore access
Boat only
35.7912° N 14.5917° E (Nearby)
35°47.472' N 014°35.502' E
35°47'28" N 014°35'30" E
★★★★ from 1 diver

Luciston Collier is a World War I wreck in Malta. SS Luciston was a British coal cargo ship (collier) that was torpedoed on 29th November 1916 on its way from Cardiff to Malta. Luciston was about 100 m in length with a beam of 25 m. The wreck is located approximately 6 km east of Delimara at a depth of 104 metres, making Luciston Collier a technical trimix dive.

SS Luciston was opened for divers on 1st May 2019, managed by Heritage Malta, and diving the collier wreck requires a special permit. Read more about diving the historical wrecks in Malta.

Other World War I wrecks in Malta are Le Polynesien (depth 65 m), HMS Nasturtium (70 m), HMS Aegusa (76 m), and HMS Russell (115 m).

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One of the winches [Adam Sant] Broken off railing [Adam Sant] The Cannon Near the wreck [Adam Sant] Broken off section near the stern end [Adam Sant] Best buddies [Adam Sant] ⠀ [Adam Sant] ⠀ [Adam Sant] ⠀ [Adam Sant] ⠀ [Adam Sant] ⠀ [Adam Sant] ⠀ [Adam Sant] ⠀ [Adam Sant] ⠀ [Adam Sant] ⠀ [Adam Sant]

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Adam Sant, December 2020:
★★★★ Nice Wreck with lots to see. As with most wrecks at this depth, the growth on it is very nice. The site is very silty and so great care needs to be taken so as not to stir the bottom and reduce vis. Good amount of life on the wreck. The most interesting parts of the wreck are at the sand/silt level since the wreck is inverted. Max depth recorded was of 107m. Most of the wreck can be covered in ~20 mins without the need of a scooter.

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