Not dived
16m (avg), 20m (max)
Shore access
35.9010° N 14.5260° E (Approx)
35°54.060' N 014°31.560' E
35°54'4" N 014°31'34" E

HMS Andromeda is one of the World War II wrecks in Valletta, Malta. Andromeda was originally a tugboat, built in Dartmouth, England and launched in 1933. She was a steam powered steel tug with length of 27 metres. Tugboat Andromeda was later requisitioned and converted to a minesweeper for British Royal Navy. HMS Andromeda formed part of the auxiliary minesweeping group in Malta with HMS Justified and HMS St. Angelo. On 18th April 1942, while she was leaving Grand Harbour of Valletta, minesweeper Andromeda was hit by bombs during an air raid. She sank in the middle of the entrance of the harbour, resting now on sand with maximum depth of 20 m and top of the wreck at 16 m. HMS Andromeda wreck can be dived only when Grand Harbour is closed because of its location and shallow depth.

Near HMS Andromeda there is another World War II wreck, destroyer HMS Jersey, at the entrance of the harbour.

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