Also known as
S31, S-31
63m (avg), 66m (max)
Shore access
Boat only
35.8900°N 14.5700°E (Approx)
★★★☆☆ from 1 diver

Schnellboot S-31 is one of the many World War II wrecks around Malta. S-31 was a German fast motor torpedo boat (Schnellboot, S-boot, E-boat). On 10th May 1942 while laying mines in close proximity to Grand Harbour of Valletta, S-31 collided with a loose mine (possibly one of its own) and sank. 13 of her crew were rescued and 13 were lost, making S-31 a war grave.

S-31 wreck lies at around 70 m depth in upright position on the sandy/silty seabed. This is a boat dive for technical divers. The wreck is about 33 m long and 5 m in beam. Schnellboots were made of aluminum frame covered with mahogany planking, and the wooden casing of S-31 has rotted away leaving only the metal frame. Otherwise the WWII wreck still is fully intact with its original weaponry for divers to explore: the three engines, triple propellers and rudders at the stern, twin torpedo-tubes at the bow with torpedoes ready for launching, and the anti-aircraft machine guns still standing.

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Mika Tanninen, September 2016:
★★★☆☆ Small but interesting wreck

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