Also known as
S31, S-31
63m (avg), 66m (max)
Shore access
Boat only
35.8900° N 14.5700° E (Approx)
35°53.400' N 014°34.200' E
35°53'24" N 014°34'12" E
★★★★ from 4 divers

Schnellboot S-31 is one of the many World War II wrecks around Malta. S-31 was a German fast motor torpedo boat (Schnellboot, S-boot, E-boat). On 10th May 1942 while laying mines in close proximity to Grand Harbour of Valletta, S-31 collided with a loose mine (possibly one of its own) and sank. 13 of her crew were rescued and 13 were lost, making S-31 a war grave.

S-31 wreck lies at around 65 m depth in upright position on the sandy/silty seabed. This is a boat dive for technical divers. The wreck is about 33 m long and 5 m in beam. Schnellboots were made of aluminum frame covered with mahogany planking, and the wooden casing of S-31 has rotted away leaving only the metal frame. The hull is broken in two, but otherwise the WWII wreck still is fully intact with its original weaponry for divers to explore: the three engines, triple propellers and rudders at the stern, twin torpedo-tubes at the bow with torpedoes ready for launching, and the anti-aircraft machine guns still standing.

Schnellboot S-31 wreck was found in September 2000 by a team of technical divers. As of 1st May 2019 S-31 is managed by Heritage Malta, and diving the Schnellboot wreck requires a special permit. Read more about diving the historical wrecks in Malta.

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Starboard torpedo tube dislodged from the wreck, torpedo still inside [Steven Galicia] S31 Schnellboot, sank 1942 [Steven Galicia] S31 Schnellboot, torpedo [Steven Galicia]

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Kevin Aquilina, October 2021:
Kevin Aquilina, October 2021:
★★★★★ Historic wreck, very interesting and plenty to see both as part of the wreck and the debris field.
Adam Sant, August 2020:
★★★★ Very nice wreck. Not huge but lots to see.
Ben VB, August 2020:
★★★★ 'Skeleton' wreck, well worth seeing. Relatively small so you can go round it twice. Resist any urge to touch the torpedo!
Mika Tanninen, September 2016:
★★★☆☆ Small but interesting wreck

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