Also known as
Xlendi Cave
6m (avg), 10m (max)
Shore access
36.0298° N 14.2142° E (Nearby)
36°01.788' N 014°12.852' E
36°01'47" N 014°12'51" E
★★★★ from 4 divers

Xlendi Tunnel (aka Xlendi Cave) dive site is located in the northern wall of Xlendi Bay in southwest Gozo. The shallow tunnel cave is about 70 metres long and runs through the headland to the next bay. The depth of the entrance to the tunnel from Xlendi Bay side is at 5 m, with a ledge rising to 3 m inside. After some boulders the depth increases to 8 m and the bottom is covered with smooth rocks and shingle.

Xlendi Tunnel is relatively safe for all levels of divers because it is possible to surface in many parts of the cave. The tunnel is suitable also for less experienced divers as it is not a true overhead environment, and for many it’s their first encounter with cave diving. The tunnel itself is very beautiful; there are cracks in the ceiling of the cave that let light through, and mixed with the light from the exit the effect is amazing. This makes Xlendi Tunnel a great place for underwater photography.

The entry/exit point for Xlendi Tunnel dive is on the opposite side of the bay. Swimming across the bay can be done either on the surface or underwater; the maximum depth of 10 m is at the bottom of the bay. When crossing Xlendi Bay, beware of the surface traffic and swimmers. During rough sea conditions or after heavy rain the visibility gets very bad and it’s difficult to locate the cave entrance. Usually the visibility is much better on the other side of the tunnel.

Exiting the tunnel on the seaward side, turn left and follow the cliffs to Xlendi Reef dive site.

Xlendi Cave [Adam Sant] Xlendi Cave [Adam Sant] Xlendi Cave [Adam Sant] Xlendi Cave [Adam Sant]

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Adam Sant, May 2022:
★★★☆☆ The tunnel is quite nice with some interesting features to explore. Not much more to do outside the tunnel though.
Shalise Barnes, July 2018:
★★★★★ Cave is gorgeous, can get it it by swimming outside the bay or trying to find the tunnel entrance inside the bay
Matjaz Repnik, October 2017:
★★★★ Nice cave, without compass hard to find it. At our visit visibiliy was not the best one, but still nice tunnel.
Mika Tanninen, April 2015:
★★★★ The cave system is beautiful.

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