Not dived
15m (avg), 20m (max)
Shore access
35.9010° N 14.5015° E (Approx)
35°54.060' N 014°30.090' E
35°54'4" N 014°30'5" E

Tent Peg Wreck is an old steel cargo steamer wreck that lies in Marsamxett Harbour between Ta'Xbiex and Manoel Island. It's not a true shipwreck as very little of the structure remains now, it's better described as a wreckage site. These remains of an unknown ship are known to local divers as Tent Peg Wreck due to the large number of tent pegs, all that is left of its cargo.

Tent Peg Wreck is of little interest to most divers, however for those who like harbour dives and are looking for a sheltered dive site in bad weather for a good rummage, Tent Peg Wreck is worth the visit. It's located in Marsamxett Harbour in a South Westerly direction from the barge Carolita in a small valley. To reach the wreck, either swim south west from Carolita barge, or arrive from Ta'Xbiex seafront. The wreck contains a large area of varied marine life. Visibility on this dive site can be very poor and the seabed is of undulating fine white silt and sand composite. The wreck is located in a busy yachting area and there is a lot of boat traffic overhead so an SMB is a must.

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