Also known as
Urge, N17
Not dived
130m (avg), 130m (max)
Shore access
Boat only
35.9459° N 14.5551° E (Approx)
35°56.754' N 014°33.306' E
35°56'45" N 014°33'18" E
★★★★★ from 2 divers

HMS Urge (N17) is a World War II submarine wreck in Malta. HMS Urge was a U class British submarine, 58 m in length and 4.9 m wide. On 27th April 1942 Urge sank few kilometres off the coast of Malta after striking a naval mine. All 44 aboard lost their lives. HMS Urge wreck was found in 2019. The wreck is upright at depth of about 130 m and in good condition except the badly damaged bow.

Other submarine wreck dives in Malta are HMS Stubborn, that was scuttled in 1946 and is now a popular dive site, and HMS Olympus, which hit a mine only few weeks after HMS Urge in May 1942.

More info about HMS Urge dive site

Times of Malta: Wreck off Malta is the submarine sunk in 1942
TVM: WWII mystery solved – HMS Urge discovered off Malta (30th October 2019)

HMS Urge wreck [] HMS Urge [Adam Sant] HMS Urge [Adam Sant] HMS Urge [Adam Sant] HMS Urge [Adam Sant] HMS Urge [Adam Sant] HMS Urge [Adam Sant] HMS Urge [Adam Sant]

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Adam Sant, July 2022:
★★★★★ Beautiful wreck with lots to see. Lots of colorful growth and historical features. Dives like this make the deep diving training worth the effort!
Ben VB, July 2022:
★★★★★ Excellent historical wreck dive. Colonised by colourful fan corals. Maximum depth approximately 112m. Relatively small so can be feasibly seen in about 15 minutes without a DPV. Long deco is required of course, but it is worth it.

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