Also known as
Scorpion Cave
Cave & Reef
7m (avg), 10m (max)
Shore access
35.9589° N 14.3389° E (Nearby)
35°57.534' N 014°20.334' E
35°57'32" N 014°20'20" E
★★★★ from 2 divers

Anchor Bay Cave, also known as Scorpion Cave, is the best dive site in Anchor Bay. The cave is located on the south side of the bay, approximately 150 m from the entry/exit point at the concrete jetty. Following the south wall out of the bay, the entrance of the cave is a bit hidden behind a massive boulder at 6-10 m depth, where the seabed is covered with them. The cave is completely submerged only for the first few meters, once inside divers can easily surface into the large air pocket to admire the beautiful dome-shaped ceiling.

Scorpion Cave is a large shallow cavern with a wide entrance making it suitable for all levels of divers. The entrance is at 10 metres and the depth inside is 8 metres, getting slowly shallower towards the end the cave. The cave goes further in for over 80 m, and serves as a training place for cave penetration and navigation. Due to the wide entrance there is a stunning blue light inside and the exit is clearly visible. Divers can spot a variety of marine life in the nooks and crannies of the cavern.

Diver inside Anchor Bay cave Cave entrance Octopus in Anchor Bay cave Anchor Bay cave Diver exiting the cave

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Adam Sant, June 2020:
Mika Tanninen, April 2015:
★★★★ I like this cave. It's quite open with couple of tight corners at the back.

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