Also known as
Ghar in-Niexef, Audrey's Crack
Cave & Wall
10m (avg), 30+m (max)
Shore access
36.0570° N 14.1920° E (Approx)
36°03.420' N 014°11.520' E
36°03'25" N 014°11'31" E
★★★☆☆ from 2 divers

Whale Cave is an interesting but less dived crack cave in Dwejra on the west side of Gozo. Whale Cave is located approximately 90-100 m from the seaward exit of Inland Sea’s Tunnel following the reef wall in northerly direction. The seabed is sloping to depths over 40 m, but the cave entrance is at 25 m and about 15 m wide.

Whale Cave is not an overhead environment as the crack is open to the surface all the way. The cave reaches about 80 m inwards and gets shallower towards the end. Facing the cave at the bottom, on the right side there is a large rock that divers can swim underneath. On the left side of the cave is a very narrow gap which divers can follow through up to 5 m.

Beware of rough seas, swell and currents as well as small tourist boats making tours in the cave.

Whale Cave is also known as Ghar in-Niexef (Cave of Dryness) or Audrey’s Crack. Approximately 100 metres north from Whale Cave is another cave known as Tal-Barba or 200m Tunnel.

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Adam Sant, June 2020:
★★★☆☆ Worth visiting when diving dwejra.
Mika Tanninen, April 2015:
★★★☆☆ Interesting cave/tunnel system.

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