Also known as
Migrah il-Ferha, Happy Welcome, The Steps
Cave & Reef & Wreck
30m (avg), 60+m (max)
Shore access
35.8753° N 14.3407° E (Exact)
35°52.518' N 014°20.442' E
35°52'31" N 014°20'27" E
★★★★ from 4 divers

Migra Ferha dive site is located on the south west coast of Malta under Dingli Cliffs, with great views both above and below the surface. Migra Ferha has several interesting sites to dive: plenty of car wrecks, an area of big boulders, as well as many caves, caverns, overhangs and an archway. Maximum depth is well beyond 60 metres. This site is for experienced divers.

There are some car wrecks on top of the reef close to the cliff at a depth of about 15 metres. Even more car wrecks can be found in front of a large cave at 32 metres and deeper. This car graveyard formed when vehicles were dropped from the cliffs and offers now a unique artificial reef in Maltese islands. On the other side of the pointy reef is the boulder area from 15 to 25 m deep. Many small caves, caverns and overhangs exist along the cliff walls at different depths.

Migra Ferha is ideally dived by boat – from the shore this site is suitable only for very fit divers, as there are approximately 150 steep steps to reach the entry/exit point from parking place. Migra Ferha is the only shore dive site along Dingli Cliffs and the only exit point for miles around, so make sure exit is possible before entering the sea and beware of currents.

When diving Migra Ferha from the shore, it is advisable to sit down for 20-30 minutes after the dive before climbing the steps back up to avoid exercise related DCI. Also good idea to take some water down with you to drink after diving.

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Amazing caves here. [Matjaz Repnik] Migra Ferha [Matjaz Repnik] Caves [Matjaz Repnik] big octopus down on 30m wall. [Matjaz Repnik] Easy to meet old cars. [Matjaz Repnik] Migra Ferha Caves [Matjaz Repnik] Migra Ferha Caves [Matjaz Repnik] Migra Ferha Caves [Matjaz Repnik] Migra Ferha Wall [Matjaz Repnik] not from my truck.... [Matjaz Repnik] Many free divers on spot too. [Matjaz Repnik] - [Matjaz Repnik] Entry and exit [Matjaz Repnik] Migra Ferha at the sea level [Matjaz Repnik] Parking [Matjaz Repnik] Migra Ferha at the sea level [Matjaz Repnik] Sand with tires [Matjaz Repnik] Boat [Matjaz Repnik] Migra Ferha [Matjaz Repnik] Views from the parking [Matjaz Repnik] Migra Ferha views [Matjaz Repnik] Access [Matjaz Repnik]

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Martin Meli, June 2023:
Matjaz Repnik, October 2020:
★★★★ Lovely spot...also walking up/down worth. Usualy do 2 dives...And it is visible many fish ;)
Adam Sant, June 2020:
★★★★★ Very nice dive. Several car wrecks, nice wall and several small caverns to explore.
Mika Tanninen, April 2015:
★★★☆☆ A lot of car wrecks. Quite a nasty walk if not done by boat.

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