Also known as
Cable Layer, Cable Ship, Levant 2
55m (avg), 59m (max)
Shore access
Boat only
35.9083° N 14.5346° E (Exact)
35°54.498' N 014°32.076' E
35°54'30" N 014°32'5" E
★★★ from 2 divers

Cable Layer Levant II was built in 1904 as a trawler, and later on refitted as a cable layer for Eastern Telegraph Company. After World War I, Levant II laid and maintained cables connecting Malta to Sicily, Libya and Alexandria. In 1952, the vessel was beyond repair so it was decided to scrap. As she was being towed to be scuttled in the spoil ground about 3 miles off Valletta, Levant II started taking on water and sank further in towards the shore, about 1,5 km off Grand Harbour entrance.

The wreck of Levant II was rediscovered by local diving community around 1999. For 10 years the wreck was simply known as the cable ship or the cable layer, until a photo on the internet lead to the positive identification of the Levant II.

Levant II lies in 59 meters depth of water pretty much intact. It has the cable drum up front, and on one of the brass fittings there is the name Brown & Co and a date of 1911. The length of the wreck is about 42 meters.

This dive site is suitable only for very experienced divers or technical divers because of the depth. Due to ship traffic of Grand Harbour, this dive is considered hazardous unless the harbour is closed.

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Sean Mcgahern, October 2018:
★★★★ Fantasic dive can have bad vis so watch for weather to get the best vis!
Mika Tanninen, April 2016:

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