20+m (avg), 30+m (max)
Shore access
36.0523° N 14.1881° E (Exact)
36°03.138' N 014°11.286' E
36°03'8" N 014°11'17" E
★★★★ from 3 divers

Coral Cave dive site is located in Dwejra on the west coast of Gozo. Coral Cave is a large open cavern with colorful corals inside. The cave entrance starts at 17-18 m deep and stretches down to the seabed at 28-30 m. The semi-circular opening is about 30 metres wide, and the cave reaches 50-60 m inwards. There are boulders in front of the cavern, but inside the floor is sand/silt and slopes up to around 21 m meeting the ceiling at the back. The walls and the ceiling of Coral Cave are literally covered with many different types of corals.

The corals in the cave are very fragile, so divers should be careful not to damage them – do not touch anything, watch the buoyancy and do not stay long as the bubbles are harmful too. Coral Cave is an overhead environment cavern although very well-lit, even at the back. Stay in the open spaces and do not enter the hole in the back without proper cave diving training. This part of the cave is difficult to navigate when the silt is stirred up, and two divers lost their lives there in 1999.

Coral Cave is located in a vertical wall between Coral Gardens and Rogers Cave. Several entry/exit points and multitude of dive spots in Dwejra offer wide selection of dive routes to choose from. Divers can enter or exit the water through Blue Hole or Coral Gardens, above Rogers Cave between Big Bear and Little Bear, or even through Inland Sea & Tunnel, and combine Coral Cave dive also with Crocodile Rock or Azure Reef.

Coral Cave exit [Pascal Pardoux] Cave entrance [Pascal Pardoux] Coral Cave entrance Corals in the cave

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Pascal Pardoux, November 2023:
★★★★★ Magnificent dive, punctuated by cliffs and large drop-offs - Cave without traps of good size - Provide a light for more comfort in the cavities which quickly become dark
Adam Sant, June 2020:
★★★☆☆ For recreational depths, this is the highlight when diving crocodile rock.
Mika Tanninen, April 2015:
★★★★ Massive cave.

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