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Patrol Boat P33
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36.0815°N 14.2350°E (Nearby)

P33 is a former patrol boat planned to be scuttled on the north coast of Gozo as an underwater attraction for wreck divers. The proposed site is near Reqqa Point in front of Billinghurst Cave in a sandy slope at a depth of approximately 38-40 m. The wreck would be very close to the shore, about 40-50 metres distance from the nearest entry/exit point.

P33 is a Bremse class vessel built in 1971-72 in East Germany, about 23 m in length with a beam of 5 m and 7 m high including the mast. P33 was sold to Malta in 1992 together with her sister ship P32 and two Kondor class patrol boats P30 and P31. P33 served as a patrol boat in the Maritime Squadron of the Armed Forces of Malta until she was decommissioned in 2005.

There are already three popular diving wrecks in Gozo located in Xatt l-Ahmar on the south east coast: Karwela, Cominoland and Xlendi. Another vessel, wrecked oil tanker Hephaestus, is also planned to be scuttled in Gozo in the near future, possibly off Qala Point.

More info about P33 dive site

Times of Malta: Patrol boat to be scuttled (3rd March 2012)
Environmental Planning Statement (April 2016)

P33 planned scuttling site

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