Also known as
Ghar Harq il-Hammiem
Not dived
20m (avg), 52m (max)
Shore access
35.9255° N 14.4873° E (Nearby)
35°55.530' N 014°29.238' E
35°55'32" N 014°29'14" E
★★★★★ from 2 divers

Harq Hammiem Cave (Ghar Harq il-Hammiem) is the only known fully submerged terrestrial cavern in the Maltese islands. The cave has two chambers on different levels, with an interconnecting narrow corridor leading from the upper chamber to a fully submerged lower chamber. The surface of the water is at a depth of 16 metres below sea level, with maximum depth of 52 metres below sea level. The water inside the cave approximates freshwater at the surface, turns brackish with depth and has seawater characteristics at deeper levels. The cave is inhabited by the rare albino shrimp. Harq Hammiem Cave is situated on the north side of St. George’s Bay in St. Julian's.

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Diver in Harq Hamiem Cave [Adam Sant] Diver in Harq Hamiem Cave [Adam Sant] Harq Hamiem Cave [Sven Midensol] Ghar Harq Hamiem graph [Steven Mallia] Harq Hamiem Cave [Adam Sant] Lines in Harq Hamiem Cave [Adam Sant] Lines in Harq Hamiem Cave [Adam Sant] Harq Hamiem Cave [Adam Sant] Harq Hamiem Cave [Adam Sant] Harq Hamiem Cave entrance [Sven Midensol] Harq Hamiem Cave stairs [Sven Midensol] ⠀ [Adam Sant]

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Ben VB, July 2021:
★★★★★ A unique and beautiful site, quite a surreal experience. Sadly there has been dumping of discarded items in the water, including a sink! Diving here is not to be taken lightly. Lines have been laid but this is a deep silty overhead environment with no natural light... a very unforgiving place that should only be entered by those with appropriate equipment and experience.
Adam Sant, April 2021:
★★★★★ Very very nice dive. The whole experience of finding the cave, walking in and doing the dive is very different to your typical diving in Malta. The Cave is very silty and as can be expected pitch black. One must also need to go through a layer of yellow silt (said to be sulphur). DONT attempt the dive without the proper equipment and experience. Open circuit bubbles degrade the visibility very rapidly - I would recommend only Closed circuit along with trimix, proper lighting and proper training.

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